The Esplanade

Dominated by the Eiffel Tower that soars upwards in all its splendour, the esplanade affords spectacular views of the tower. 

Under its spell and filled with wonder, you will perceive the delicate finesse of its puddled iron structure, counterbalanced by the sturdiness of the four pillars (East, South, North, and West). The Tower stands upon these four legs to reach a height of 324m, high above your head. 

From here, in the heart of Paris, you admire the historic view between Trocadéro and Ecole Militaire.

The tower is climbed through its legs, which house lifts and stairways.

Esplanade attractions

  • Gustave Eiffel sculpted by Bourdelle

    In 1929, at the suggestion of Général Ferrié an application was submitted for a bust of Gustave Eiffel to be made.

    Created by the sculptor Antoine Bourdelle (assisted by the architects Auguste Perret and André Granet), the bust was inaugurated on 2 May by the Secretary of State for postal and telecommunications services in the presence of a host of scientific personalities and members of the Eiffel family.

    You can see this bust at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, at the corner of the North pillar.

  • The Information desk

    Do you have a question about visiting the Eiffel Tower ?

    Located at the West pillar of the monument, there’s an information desk where you can pick up all sorts of useful leaflets and information about the Tower: visitor's map, rules of visit, ticket rates, but also the latest game booklet for families : "Tour Eiffel Kids".

The 1899 lift machinery

A technical feat

Did you know that the hydraulic machines which operate the Tower’s lifts (at the East and West pillars) are more than a century old? Of course they’ve been restored and computerised since but they are still in use !

These imposing hydraulic machines designed by Gustave Eiffel are located in the basement.

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