The Eiffel Tower is a great family day out. The experience will fill the whole family’s eyes with wonder!

Ticket prices

Tarifs des individuels
  Adult Rate Youth Rate (12-24 ans) (1) Child Rate (aged 4-11) (1) Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1)
Ticket for 2nd floor by lift 18,10€ 9,00€ 4,50€ 0,00€
Ticket to the top by lift 28,30€ 14,10€ 7,10€ 0,00€
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs 11,30€ 5,60€ 2,80€ 0,00€
Ticket to top by stairs & lift 21,50€ 10,70€ 5,40€ 0,00€
Year Round
Ticket for 2nd floor by lift
Adult Rate 18,10€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 9,00€
Child Rate (aged 4-11) 4,50€
Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1) 0,00€
Year Round
Ticket to the top by lift
Adult Rate 28,30€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 14,10€
Child Rate (aged 4-11) 7,10€
Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1) 0,00€
Year Round
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs
Adult Rate 11,30€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 5,60€
Child Rate (aged 4-11) 2,80€
Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1) 0,00€
Year Round
Ticket to top by stairs & lift
Adult Rate 21,50€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 10,70€
Child Rate (aged 4-11) 5,40€
Child under 4 Rate (aged under 4) (1) 0,00€

1) Upon presentation of supporting documents. Reduced rate for disabled is at the same price as the Child rate and is applied upon presentation of a nominative proof of eligibility.

Kids aged 4 and under go free at the Eiffel Tower, but they must be in possession of a free ticket, available when buying tickets online or at the Tower. Their accompanying persons have to pay the adult or youth 12/24 rate.

Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. The top of the tower and the stairways are not suitable for people with reduced mobility, especially during emergency evacuations.

Customer service

Open Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6:00pm (from 9am in summer).
Calls cost €0.35 per minute from landlines

The visitor's itinerary

Don’t miss, on the 1st floor of the Eiffel Tower, all the animations dedicated to families, including the fun and educational tour for kids, the museographic path as well as the catering services and our large boutique in the Pavillon Ferrié.

The museographic path and the glass floor

During your visit, the 1st floor is a must-stop to have fun and to get to know the Eiffel Tower better.

Experience the sensation of being perched in the void, 190 feet high (58 meters). Challenge your vertigo, venture onto the glass floor and look down, it's awesome!

Along the outer passageway on the North and East side, you will discover a museographic path for everyone which retraces the history of the Iron Lady. Through touchscreen panels, display windows and digital albums, discover the events that marked the Eiffel Tower’s life since its construction.

Eating and shopping

Throughout your visit to the Eiffel Tower, catering options are available for the whole family and for all budgets.

  • The seasonal terraces of the 1st floor

    Throughout the year, the 1st floor follows the seasons and reinvents itself in summer and winter to offer you a unique moment of relaxation. A special experience awaits you 190 feets (58 meters) above Paris, to be enjoyed with a seasonal dish or a simple hot or cold drink.

  • The Champagne Bar

    Celebrate your visit to the top of Paris with a glass of Champagne! Go to the Champagne Bar at the top floor with an offer suitable for all. To complete this unique moment, the bar you can choose a glass of white or rosé Champagne, an artisanal lemonade or mineral water.

  • The take-away

    Do not miss a moment of your experience at the Eiffel Tower and let yourself be tempted by a large choice of salty or sweet meals to take-away and cold drinks. Meet on the esplanade to enjoy a gourmet break before or after your ascent.

  • The buffets

    On the 1st and on the 2nd floor, buffets will offer you a quick snack with an incredible view of Paris. A comfortable space for the whole family, perfect to fully enjoy a moment of sharing at any time during your visit.

Informations about restaurants and services

08 25 56 66 62
For customers in France

+33 1 45 55 20 04
For customers outside of France