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Wednesday 12 July 2023

Modified the 12/07/23

At each floor of the Eiffel Tower, you can have an immersive experience on your smartphone in the company of Gustave Eiffel.

Enjoy a tour with Gustave Eiffel! To mark the centenary of the death of this famous engineer and entrepreneur who built the Eiffel Tower, we are paying tribute to him by offering visitors the chance to enrich their visit through fun journeys back in time in his company. And all you need is your phone!

On each floor of the Tower, Gustave Eiffel is waiting for you, to share his secrets and stories about the Tower through immersive, 360° experiences that will be launched on your phone after you scan the QR code. There’s plenty of surprises in store for you!

Find the panels with Gustave Eiffel on them on the first and second floors.

On the esplanade

Discover the Tower in three different time periods - and colors.
At the exact center of the esplanade, scan the QR code engraved on the round metal plaque using your phone, then click on the link. After that, simply let yourself be guided. Point your phone at a pillar to enjoy the “augmented reality” experience. Gustave Eiffel himself will welcome you and introduce you to three different periods during the Tower’s history and its different colors! 

On the first floor

Two immersive experiences await you on the first floor..

Travel back in time to 1887.
Find the sticker on the glass balustrade opposite the terrace and place your feet on the spot indicated on the ground. Head off on an exciting journey back in time to 1887 with Gustave Eiffel, when the first floor of the Tower had just been completed. You will learn more about the construction, finished in record time, and will see the Tower rising before your very eyes.

Go into Gustave Eiffel’s office
Head to the exterior passageway on the Champ de Mars side and you will see two panels attached to the grills, on either side of the passageway, offering an exclusive visit to Gustave Eiffel’s office. Witness a moving historic scene, when Gustave Eiffel and his daughter Claire met famous inventor Thomas Edison, who gave him an extraordinary gift for the occasion.

On the second floor

Relive a historic featOn the lower level of the second floor, on the Champ de Mars side near a telescope, you will find two panels attached to the grills. This is your chance to relive a historic feat, accompanied once again by Gustave Eiffel. Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

After each experience, an interactive map will show you the location of other immersive experiences.


*How to scan a QR code: QR codes are a way to go to a web link using the camera on your smartphone or a specific QR-code app. If you don’t have access to the French mobile network (4G or 5G), you can connect to the free Eiffel Tower WiFi network: _WiFi_Tour_Eiffel.

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