Visitors with disabilities

The Eiffel Tower has implemented systems to welcome all visitors with disabilities in the best possible conditions. Don’t hesitate to speak directly to a team member at the Eiffel Tower upon your arrival at the esplanade.

There are two ways you can buy tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower: 
- Buy time-stamped tickets in advance on the official online ticket office. Tickets can generally be purchased up to 60 days in advance.
- Buy tickets in person at the monument’s ticket office on the day of your visit for an immediate visit.

The reduced “disabled” price applies only to people in possession of a justification document, which must be brought and presented to the Tower’s teams and at the ticket office if buying tickets in person.
Companions that do not have a disability justification document should choose the ticket corresponding to their age category: adult, young person (12-24 years old), etc.

Ticket Prices

Tarifs des individuels
  Adult Rate Youth Rate (aged 12-24) (1) Child Rate (aged 4-11) (1)
Ticket for 2nd floor by lift 18,10€ 9,00€ 4,50€
Ticket to the top by lift 28,30€ 14,10€ 7,10€
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs 11,30€ 5,60€ 2,80€
Ticket to top by stairs & lift 21,50€ 10,70€ 5,40€
Year Round
Ticket for 2nd floor by lift
Adult Rate 18,10€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 9,00€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 4,50€
Year Round
Ticket to the top by lift
Adult Rate 28,30€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 14,10€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 7,10€
Year Round
Ticket for 2nd floor by stairs
Adult Rate 11,30€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 5,60€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 2,80€
Year Round
Ticket to top by stairs & lift
Adult Rate 21,50€
Youth Rate (1) (aged 12-24) 10,70€
Child Rate aged 4-11 / Disabled (1)(2) 5,40€

(1) Reduced rates only on presentation of supporting documents. 
(2) Disabled rate only on presentation of a valid invalidity card.

Kids aged under 4 go free at the Eiffel Tower, but they must be in possession of a free ticket, available when buying tickets online or at the Tower. Their accompanying persons have to pay the adult or youth 12/24 rate.

Please note
The top and stair access are not accessible to people with reduced mobility or crutches, exclusively for security reasons, specifically in the event of an evacuation.  We invite our clients for whom this is the case to opt for lift-access tickets to the second floor.

The visitor's itinerary

The Eiffel Tower has certain systems to facilitate access and the tour for people with disabilities. 

Facilitated access

Once you arrive at the main entrances to the site of the Eiffel Tower, you can join the queue specifically for guests (queue dedicated to Jules Verne restaurant clients at entry 1; queue signposted for the Gustave Eiffel Room at entry 2) and make yourself known to the security personnel to facilitate your passage through the first security checks.

Upon arrival at the esplanade, we advise our visitors with disabilities and their companions to present themselves to Eiffel Tower personnel to organize their facilitated access. The reception for people with reduced mobility is near the west pillar: multiple signposts can be found on the esplanade to guide you there, particularly a specific flag indicating the reception area (see photo opposite). 
Facilitated access is offered for one person accompanying the disabled person. In the event that the disabled person comes with their family or a group of people, our teams will do their best to try to avoid separating the group. However, if the group is too large, our teams may be forced to separate its members, depending on the size of the group and visitor numbers at the Tower.

If you wish to purchase tickets at the ticket office, staff will guide you to a faster purchase experience: to the Information Desk located in the west pillar (payment by bank card) or to the ticket offices open in one of the pillars on the day of your visit (payment in cash or by bank card). Then, depending on your situation, we will also facilitate lift access up to the second floor for you.
In the event of online pre-purchased tickets, staff will guide you to facilitate your direct access to the security checks in the pillar, then to the lift.

Please note that the Information Desk, as well as the other ticket offices, are fitted with audio loops for the hearing-impaired. 
Access ramps also allow people in wheelchairs to access the pillar lift and the Information Desk.

Visiting the floors

Once arrived at the second floor, the lower platform is fully accessible for people with reduced mobility, both inside (buffet, stores, toilets) and outside.
The first floor is accessible by going down in the lift. The three pavilions housing the store, bistro and Gustave Eiffel Room, as well as the passageway, are accessible to people with reduced mobility and visual impairments. For the latter, certain panels in the exhibition are written in braille and others are printed in relief.

The top is not accessible for people with reduced mobility for security reasons, but all visitors with disabilities who have full mobility can access the top. Please note that you may have to wait for the lift to take you from the second floor to the top.


All throughout your visit to the Tower, from the esplanade to the 2nd floor, you can find cafeterias and restaurants selling a range of sweet and savoury snacks.

  • The seasonal terraces of the 1st floor

    Throughout the year, the 1st floor is guided by the seasons and reinvents itself in summer and winter to offer you an unique moment of relaxation. A special experience awaits you 190 feets (58 meters) above Paris, to enjoy around a seasonal dish or simply accompanied by a hot or cold drink.

  • The buffets

    If you fancy a quick snack, try the buffets at the 2nd, 1st and on the esplanade, each offer an incredible view over Paris and on the structure of the Eiffel Tower ! In a comfortable space for the entire family, enjoy a savory or sweet snack at any time during your visits.

  • Take-away

    For a quick snack, discover the take-away catering options on the esplanade. Before or after your ascent, enjoy a large choice of meals and snacks with cold or hot drinks for the whole family, to taste while enjoying your visit!

Information about the restaurants and dining:

to 08 25 56 66 62
when calling from France,

to +33 1 45 55 20 04
when calling from abroad.